Apeswap finance is the automated market maker yield farming staking platform on Binance smart chain which is a decentralized exchange. In Apeswap we can earn and swap $BANANA which is the native currency of the Apeswap platform. ApeSwap was built by DeFi Apes, for DeFi Apes. It was forked from pancake Swap. There are 26,203,402 BANANA IN CIRCULATION which may not remain constant because Apeswap can burned the BANANA in circulation as it had burned 3,900,058 BANANA till date .As we can see below in the picture.

Ape swap home page

In Apeswap bid for buy and sell is not allowed, we can only buy and sell on the spot.As we know the gas fees are very low in the binance smart chain comparing with Ethereum blockchain which makes Apeswap finance more better by which many users are using the Binance smart chain to save their money. Things that make Apeswap genuine and legitimate to Binance Smart Chain.
1.It does not use pancake swap and it has its own liquidity which means Apeswap is actually its own decentralized exchange by which it is unlike most other yield farming platform.
2.ApeSwap got a ideal position, making their user in profit by constantly bringing cool and genuine projects.
3.The most important thing in any organization/platform is the people who are engaged in developing their platform and focus towards achieving the milestones and Apeswap has incredible community they have cultivated.

“why be a human ,when you can be an ape” well its the slogan of the Apeswap finance .I believe it sounds pretty strange and funny right? If you feel so then that’s okey .

Apeswap has developed so many cool ways by which their user can invest and take profit from multiple activities with Apeswap platform on the binance chain .Users can interact with ApeSwap, by farming,trading,Initial Ape offering, and pools.As we know BANANA is the native currency of Apeswap platform most of activities like engaging and investing is done through BANANA. Apeswap platform is bringing amazing partnerships and project which is pretty good for them so that more user can trust and use the Apeswap because of their projects and different amazing partnerships. As we know more partnerships means more user and good projects leads to good place .

Apeswap finance has staking reward as well we can stake banana for getting the different tokens/coin as rewards.The return APY is also good it almost 965% which is pretty cool in comparison to other Dex.We can’t see this much return percentage in other Dex but being in the top 15 Apeswap finance is able to provide this much of high returns to their users.They have promised to add more coins in stake as well. Its simple stake and earn the $BANANA as reward .In Apeswap there are more than 50 pairs of the BANANA. Top 12 pairs are shown in the picture below with their respective Liquidity, volume, and fees as well .

BANANA’s pairs in Apeswap

The airdrop campaign is also running and the airdrop is only for the members who will provide the liquidity to Apeswap finance.The level of members is determined according to their amount of liquidity. The more the amount of liquidity the higher will be the airdrop percentage as reward.

The different tier according to the amount of liquidity are as follows
1. The monkey tier :- It is the basic tier which provide minimum of one hundred dollar liquidity.
2.The gorilla tier :-Gorilla tier provides minimum of one thousand dollar liquidity
3.kingkong tier:- It is the premium tier which provide minimum of ten thousand dollar liquidity

The bounty campaign will last for four weeks here we can find the link of Apeswap bounty campaign
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5330167.0 we guys can check it out and participate in the Apeswap bounty campaign and earn some money .so don’t waste the chance and grab the golden opportunity as soon as possbile.

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